5th International Summer Music Festival 2013

June 29 to August 31

10 Sunset Concerts including one Traditional Dance Evening (“Glendi”) every Saturday

with a delicious organic Theatre Buffet and Art Exhibition

Samstag, 29. 6. 2013   Opening of the Festival & Reception

  1. Traditional music of Greece, the Balkans and Asia Minor

  2. Laura Shannon (percussion, vocal)

  3. Kostantis Kourmadias (saz, violin, vocal),

  4. Nikolas Angelopoulos (laouto, lafta),

  5. Songs of Life & Love

  6. www.laurashannon.net


Samstag, 06. 7. 2013    Instrumental music – classical, latin, gypsy

  1. Estas Tonne, guitar

  2. compositions for solo guitar

  3. http://www.estastonne.com


Freitag, 12. 7. 2013   ERATO - Trio

  1. Theodora Baka - Voice, Mariella Kesisoglou - Clarinet,   Maria Papapetropoulou - Piano Songs With and Without Words from G. Sfiridis, M. Hatzidakis, Ch. Mendis, N. Kypourgos

Samstag, 20. 7. 2013   Songs from Operas, Musicals and Movies

  1. Eleni- Lydia Stamellou soprano, Medea Iassonidou piano 

  2. A time when dreams can flourish

  3. www.elenilydiastamellou.com

Freitag, 26. 7. 2013   Classical: Recital Piano, Viola & String Quartett

  1. Gaelle Kouroupakis, piano

  2. Giannis Roumanos Viola
    Mani-String Quartet

  3. R. Schumann, W. A. Mozart, a. others

Samstag, 03. 8. 2013   Chamber music for Violin, Cello and Piano

  1. Danae Papamatthaiou-Matschke, violin   www.danaematschke.com

  2. Michael Heupel, violoncello

  3. Konstantinos Destounis, piano

  4. "Classical chamber-music treasures", Works by L.v.Beethoven and C.Debussy   

Samstag, 10. 8. 2013   Music for Accordion and Piano

  1. Christos Zerbinos Accordion, Christos Papageorgiou, Piano

  2. "A sound from Eternity…..." a musical kaleidoscope of popular melodies from folk, film, traditional, classical, new and old music through the magic filter of the most accessible and yet unknown of all instruments.

  3. www.christospapageorgiou.com

Mittwoch, 14. 8. 2013   Gypsy Jazz & Violin

  1. Diminuita Swing Trio and Gregor Huebner
    Fantastic Gypsy Jazz and World Star Violinist
    www.diminuita.com      www.gregorhuebner.de

Samstag, 17. 8. 2013   Famous Greek Songs

  1. Beloved Greek songs from 1960 until today
    Eleni Kazikea  Sporano/Piano, Eias Kazikeas Voice/Guitar,

  2. Michalis Kazikeas Bouzouki

Samstag, 24. 8. 2013   Classical: Recital Piano Solo

  1. Aris Blettenberg from Kalamata, 18 years young, plays
    L.v. Beethoven, F. Schubert, F. Chopin, C. Franck

  2. www.arisalexanderblettenberg.de

Samstag, 31. 8. 2013  CANCELLED

  1. Festival Conclusion 2013 Glendi  Greek Dance Fest   

  2. Moraites Live

  3. Georgia Marini violin, Stavros Panagiotopoulos clarinet, Stavros Roussis flute, Theodosis Diskos percussion. Authentic Greek Music on original instruments, dance performance in traditional costumes, dance lesson for basic dancing together, food.  

  4. www.moraites.gr


During the interludes we will perform

show dances in traditional costumes for our audience.

Adresse: Burgi Bläuel, Pyrgos-West Mani, 24024 Griechenland
Tel. +30-27210-78077, e-mail: burgi@mani-sonnenlink.com

Venue for Revival,
Culture & Personal Development
concerts in the evening twilight with 
a certified organic theatre bistro from 06.5. until 30.8.2019
11th Musiksommer 2019