Here and in the immediate vicinity of Mani Sonnenlink many interesting activities are available, attracting body, mind and soul alike.

At the Sonnenhaus:

In Stoupa and around:

Proastio Horse Riding Centre:

Classical riding lessons in the arena or trekking tours in the fantastic Mani countryside.

Deborah Watts is a sensitive and intuitive teacher with over 30 years experience in riding and teaching.

within 8 km's from Mani Sonnenlink.

phone: +30 697 4830 824 or +30 693 7788 106


Physiotherapy, cranio-sacral therapy and/or relaxation massage

Mara von Heyden, Tel.: +30-6945237760

Astrology: classic astrology sessions, or "human design"

with Roswitha Edelbauer. She has a wonderful and profound experience and an intuitive clear-sightedness.

Tel.: + 306937650530


there is a yoga house nearby, the "Spirit of Life Centre", where you can go when yoga is not available here. Tel.: +30-27210-78 240, +30-6975972086.

Kerry is a wonderful person and teacher

Dive Code
Diving Centre in Kalogria

+30 27210 64908, 

+30 6940014943

Mountain Activities

Based at Kardamili main road they offer easy hikes, long treks, mountain biking, rock climbing or  tailor made programs. You can also rent bicycle there.

Find them at Kardamili main road

phone: +30 27210 73752, +30 6975785887


New people are always coming to our area and the therapies’ landscape can change quickly. Please contact me personally to be updated. I´m fully at your disposal!

Burgi Bläuel

Address: Burgi Bläuel, Pyrgos-West Mani, 24024 Greece
Tel. +30-27210-78077, e-mail:

Do you fancy a massage or healing treatment?

Several treatments by experienced therapists are available.

May until October


for those who want to learn to meditate, Fritz and Burgi offer introductory sessions.

Some meditations can be performed together.


Start your day with an easy morning yoga class in our open air amphitheater  under the bright blue sky overlooking  the sea.

6 times per week from May until October 

Venue for Revival,
Culture & Personal Development